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Manufacturing Equipment Shipping


Manufacturing Equipment Shipping in Seattle/NW

Shipping large, heavy, and mechanically sensitive equipment requires the insights of a company that specializes in packaging, crating, and shipping solutions. With comprehensive services and a team of experienced engineers and shipping professionals, you can feel confident that your manufacturing equipment will be safe and arrive on time, ready for use.

The Seattle operation has been headed by K J Singh since September 2009. K J brings 40 years of hands-on U.S. experience related to packaging and processing systems for the food , beverage, and pharmaceuticals industries, in design, construction and installation of manufacturing plants. His experience includes working with companies such as Unilever Foods, Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Nestle Foods and Sara Lee Foods.

Our Seattle equipment shipping team has worked with numerous companies and industries, helping them get their valuable pieces of machinery where they need to be. In addition to the manufacturing industry, we’ve also worked with:

Spec-Driven Packaging

Our engineers develop packaging and crating solutions customized for each item using the latest technology and software for extreme precision.

We know that manufacturing equipment is often too heavy, oversized, or sensitive to get to our warehouse, so we provide on-site services, including on-site packaging and crating, at your place of business, utilizing our spec-driven tools at your location for the same level of methodical care you’d get in our warehouse.


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Other specialized services we provide for large-scale equipment crating and shipping include:

Equipment & Machinery Packaging, Crating & Shipping Solutions

Craters & Freighters Seattle/NW also serves as a one-source solution for domestic or international shipping arrangements.

Our process is simple and streamlined:

Step 1: Provide estimate to client and obtain approval

Step 2: Schedule date and time to retrieve item to our warehouse

Step 3: Pack and crate items

Step 4: Ship the item and provide client a tracking number

Step 5: Follow through all the way until item is safely delivered.

Seattle companies and businesses that rely on these pieces of equipment trust us to handle and manage their shipments near and far. We’re prepared to enhance the average shipping experience, giving you the dedication you deserve.

We can help with everything from our numerous services to pickup to logistics to customer service to delivery. Let’s get started today.

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from Craters & Freighters Seattle/NW.

With 33 years of experience, we specialize in providing packaging, crating, and shipping solutions, both domestically and globally. Our holistic solutions encompass custom clearance and timely delivery to your desired destination.

In Seattle, we offer a one-stop solution for all your shipping needs. We handle everything from packaging and crating to domestic and international shipping, including final destination delivery and custom clearance.

Provide some information on your crating, packaging, or shipping needs, and we’ll get back to you right away with a figure you can use in your planning.

Proudly serving most of Washington and Idaho and parts of British Columbia. Including but not limited to Bellingham, Vancouver, WA, Vancouver/BC, Victoria/BC, Spokane, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, Federal Way, and the Islands near Seattle. We are also experienced in shipping to/from Guam, Canada, Alaska, and the Hawaiian Islands.