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Global Shipping Services from Seattle/NW

In addition to shipping within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, the Craters & Freighters Seattle/NW team also does worldwide international shipping. Global shipping is an essential part of many businesses and organizations. Timely deliveries, comprehensive services, logistical support, and budget are all key players in a successful international shipment.

Working with a knowledgeable and experienced global shipping company in Seattle will give you confidence that your assets will reach their destination safely. Whether your shipment is large or small, it should be given the same amount of thoughtful protection, so it arrives damage-free wherever it needs to go.

We do our homework to assure export documentation, a key component for shipping internationally is done properly to assure no hold up at customs at the destination country.

If you need to get shipments from Seattle to Europe, Asia, or just about anywhere, our international crating and shipping team can make it easy.

“Bug Stamp” Crates

From ensuring packaging and crating standards are met to completing all documentation, we coordinate the safe, well-protected, and on-time delivery of your shipment. This includes using ISPM 15 heat-treated wood crates that bear the “bug stamp” or ISPM 15 mark that certifies the crate meets international shipping standards.

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International Crating & Shipping Solutions

It’s important to work with a global shipping team that has a vast network, reliable and comprehensive solutions, and can manage all logistics so you can stay focused on other matters.

Common international crating and shipping solutions we offer include:

International shipping, whether for personal or business, can be challenging. Our Seattle shipping professionals are prepared to provide you with as many resources as necessary to get the job done right the first time.

Delivery Options and Shipping Services

How Much Does International Shipping from Seattle Cost?

There are several things to consider when figuring out the cost of your international shipment.

Variables that affect shipping costs include:

  • Size and weight of shipment
  • Final destination
  • Rush projects
  • Services needed, such as packaging or white-glove delivery
  • Mode of transportation
  • And others

Our shipping professionals can help you create a customized quote for shipment after important information is discussed. We have numerous solutions to help you stay within budget. Discover how we designed and successfully implemented crating, packaging, and shipping of a large laser weeder to go overseas.

How Long Will It Take to Ship from Seattle?

With regularly departing containers, ships, and planes, getting your items to their destination country is a streamlined process. The length of time to arrive depends on where your shipment is going and how it’s getting there; however, we’re confident we can manage your asset’s damage-free, on-time arrival.

Shipping from Seattle to Alaska, Hawaii, & Canada

While Alaska and Hawaii are within the USA, they present another level of treatment when items are shipped there from the mainland. If going by ocean freight, the process is the same as with any other sea shipment.

When a shipment is transported by air:]

  • To Alaska: We ensure items are fully crated to proactively protect from bad weather
  • To Hawaii: Packaging and crating aren’t as essential (depending on the item, of course), and often, skids and shrink wrap may be adequate for transportation.

We have the experience to determine the best needs based on your assets, goals, and where the shipment’s final destination is so we can determine proper packaging–this will help keep costs low and arrivals on time.

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from Craters & Freighters Seattle/NW.

Provide some information on your international shipping needs, including Alaska and Hawaii, and we’ll get back to you right away with a figure you can use in your planning. With 33 years of experience, we specialize in providing packaging, crating and shipping solutions, both domestically and globally. Our holistic solutions encompass custom clearance and timely delivery to your desired destination. 

Proudly serving most of Washington and Idaho and parts of British Columbia. Including but not limited to Bellingham, Vancouver WA, Vancouver/BC, Victoria/BC, Spokane, Tacoma, Bellevue, Kirkland, Federal Way and the Islands near Seattle. We are also experienced in shipping to/from Guam, Canada, Alaska, and the Hawaiian Islands.